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Robyn Penn was born in 1973, in South African and lives in Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand. Penn is an artist whose practice includes drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture and film installations. The foci of her work are of the natural world, the elusive nature of time, the sublime and the threat of the Anthropocene. The artist spent one year training in Fine Arts at the University of the Witswatersrand, Johannesburg before receiving an Honours degree in Fine Arts from Ilam, Canterbury University, New Zealand. She also read for a BA in Psychology at the University of the Witswatersrand. Penn is a fellow of the prestigious Ampersand Trust. Her art has been seen internationally in galleries, in solo and group exhibitions, and art fairs since 1999.

Her first solo exhibition was in Johannesburg in 2009. Penn has collaborated with internationally acclaimed master printmakers Mark Attwood (SA), Jillian Ross (CA), Nathi Ndlandla (SA), Georgina Berens (SA), screen printmaker Wim Legrand (SA) and Risograph printmaker Candice Ježek (SA).

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