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Suicide Awareness

Depot Artspace has received recognition for its work on suicide over the past 20 years and has been invited by the Museum of Sepulchral Culture in Kassel, Germany to contribute a paper to its suicide awareness publication, to be launched on International Suicide Awareness day, September 10. This coincides with an exhibition they will hold on suicide awareness – ‘Let’s Talk  About It’.


This exhibition will use examples from art and cultural history, medicine, the humanities and social sciences to provide information, suggestions, challenges, and opportunities to reflect on how society and individuals deal with suicide. The publication as well as an extensive event programme will accompany the exhibition in cooperation with other institutions, associations and societies. The aim is to promote public communication on suicide.


Depot Artspace has been mentioned as a partner in this project–lets-talk-about-it


The Museum for Sepulchral Culture is dedicated to the issues of dying, death, burial, mourning and remembrance. It is the only independent institution committed exclusively to cultural and scientific standards that deals with the entire spectrum of the so-called Last Things. The museum encourages its visitors to view the often taboo general theme of “death” with expertise, research and communication, with understanding, perseverance and humour.’




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