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Survey for Creative Employment Programme


Image: Revolution Creative & Artslab at employment expo


In May 2020, during Covid-19 Lockdown, the Government announced $7. 9 million to support creative job seekers, building on the most successful aspects of the former Pathways to Arts and Cultural Employment (PACE) programme.

At Depot Artspace we decided to develop a survey that asked creatives across all practices what they wanted from a such a programme.

Methodology: a short, sharp, accessible survey to encourage participation, allowing for commentary should respondents want to go into detail.
Questions were directed at the components of a programme that would assist creatives to a sustainable practice and employment.

12% of those contacted responded to the survey, which is a good outcome.
There were 6 questions, each one relating to the content and form of the programme components. An outline of the results follows:

1. How important is it to have access to a programme supporting creatives to achieve sustainability/employment? 93% responded it was either very important (75%) or important (18%).

2. All of the listed programme components were seen as very helpful, rating between 65% and 80%.

3. All programme contents also rated highly, between 68% and 100%, with Portfolio, CVs & Cover Letter preparation being regarded largely as ‘somewhat helpful’.

4. Programme service qualities were all regarded as important with empathy being a significant factor in all aspects of the delivery.

5. Of the practical outcomes it was important for respondents to have work that allows them to spend time on their creative practice as a result.

6. All personal outcomes was regarded as important, with confidence and networking featuring as important.

Of the surveys submitted, 66% of respondents took the time to expand on their answers. Many of the comments were positive and others provided the opportunity to add new material to the programme or address issues differently.


For further information, this article by Henry Oliver, former editor of Metro Magazine gives you a perspective on what PACE meant to him.

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