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The Depot Artspace offers a range of Creative Employment initiatives to assist creatives to find work and strengthen their careers. Here are our three key projects offering assistance and support for creatives to seek or sustain employment or their own business practise.

Wayfind Creative

Wayfind Creative is an exciting new programme for creatives who are looking to take control of their careers and create a financially viable, sustainable and deeply rewarding career.

The programme is designed to help you build the non-creative skills required for a future-proof career in the creative sector so that you can thrive, not just survive.

Our goal is to empower you to become a more experienced problem solver, capable of directing the course of your own life and build a sustainable future.


ArtsLab is a programme for creatives looking to find employment. You may be looking for work in a creative field or in a non-creative area to supplement income from a creative practice.

The programme is designed to help build the modern employability skills needed to land a job. We also provide opportunities for creative industry mentoring and career coaching.  

Our goal is to empower you to take steps towards your dream career, build your self-confidence and develop personal and professional skills you can carry with you for a lifetime.

Revolution Creative

Revolution Creative is a free online portal for creatives to promote their work, get approached for jobs and be counted amongst New Zealand’s creative community.

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