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Guo Zhiming: 风和日丽 The Sun and the Wind is Beautiful

Guo Zhiming: 风和日丽 The Sun and the Wind is Beautiful

February 8, 2023 @ 10:00 am 4:00 pm

Opening Event Saturday 1 October, 2-4pm

This exhibition brings the whimsical landscapes and nature studies of Guo Zhiming to local audiences, including many of his serene watercolours, ink drawings and a metres-long traditional scroll painting. Zhiming’s creations spring forth from many years of experience and a highly intuitive sensibility; each watercolour is made with his signature finger-printing technique, used to build fluid abstractions from which traditional landscape scenes emerge. 

This simultaneous embrace of Chinese painting composition and abandonment of conventional methods has earnt Zhiming respect and recognition as an innovator in China, where he held a 60-year retrospective at Nanhui Museum (Pudong New Area, Shanghai) in 2019. Looking to the abstract painting of the West, particularly the Action Painting genre popularised in mid-century America, Zhiming’s expressive methods include spraying, coating, washing, shaking and dragging to achieve a desired effect. The details of each watercolour escape concrete resemblance to any object, yet there is a clear likeness to water, mountains, fog, the sky, streams and stones. 

Zhiming has poured great efforts into innovating Chinese landscape traditions, leaning into abstraction while still capturing the essence and serenity of nature. His greatest skill lies in the ability to capture a scene’s spirit, temperament, and charm. In the words of Zhiming’s biographer: ‘although the size of Mr.Guo’s landscapes are not large, there is vast territory. The scene is grand and the composition is complex.’

About the Artist:



Guo Zhiming was born in Shanghai in 1942. He has been engaged in painting for years; his work ranges across Chinese painting, printmaking, watercolour, ink painting and other artistic creations since the 1960’s. 

In 1978, the year of economic reform post-Maoism and opening-up of China to international influence, a Children’s Palace for painting was established in Zhiming’s hometown of Nanhui to promote positive diplomatic relations through folk art. Zhiming taught children who would go on to find success internationally in children’s painting competitions. A firm believer in innovation, he explored a new expression, “cardboard painting” in the 1980’s, which his students bought to exhibitions in different continents. 

There are works by Zhiming on permanent display in Shanghai public collections, and on many occasions he has been invited to take part in the National Art Exhibition. Zhiming has been represented in award-winning art galleries, museums, publishing houses, and collections of note. He has also been featured in special reports on the People’s Daily, Wen Hui pao, Guangming Ribao, Liberation, CCTV, Shanghai and Dongfang channels.

In 2003, Guo Zhiming came to New Zealand and engaged in promoting Chinese culture, demonstrating his unique painting technique and exhibiting, as well as being featured on NZ TV1, TV2 and TV3. In 2005, China Central Television (CCTV) and the then-New Zealand Government jointly filmed people in the Chinese diaspora based in Aotearoa New Zealand—Zhiming was the only artist represented in this documentary. 

Many of his works have been collected by leaders and people of all walks of life. Zhiming is currently the Honorary Chairman of the New Zealand Chinese Culture and Art Centre, the Vice Chairman of the Chinese Painting Research Association, the Vice President of the Chinese Culture and Art Institution, and the Vice President of the Chinese Cultural and Art Exchange Association.

28 Clarence Street, Devonport
Auckland, 0624 New Zealand
09-963 2331
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