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Dasul Lee – Artist

“Familiarity, stereotypes or preconceived ideas often prescribe our impressions and perception…By manipulating materials and objects that everyone has experiences of, or are familiar with, viewers are invited to reconsider the value and the power of the mundane object, and to realign our relationship to objects and their relation to the world.”

Originally from Korea, artist Dasul Lee gained a Masters of Fine Arts from the Elam School of Fine Arts.  Dasul draws inspiration from artists such as Tom Friedman and Tony Feher, who strive to re-articulate and reanimate mundane household items and challenge the states of being and meaning in their existence. Her fascination with ‘everyday sculpture’ stems from her time as a freelance graphic designer, and her natural affinity for observation and interpretation.

“One day I was in my studio and looking at some juxtaposed stationery items on a desk,
when I selected only the black linear items among them to place them in order from small to
big. It was a simple gesture but the way the lined objects show similarities and dissimilarities
caught my eye and I suddenly thought, ‘I get it now. I just made a sculpture out of everyday’.
Then I started to expand my artistic endeavors on the sculptures that play with and
challenge perceptions of the objects and space with daily familiar materials by applying
questions like “What If and could everything perhaps be completely different, what else
could this mean?”

Dasul had an installation at our Woven exhibition in February 2018. You can connect with Dasul via Instagram @dasul.lee

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