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Oleg Polounine

1. How and when did your art journey begin?

I have been interested in art since childhood, however, it was just a few months before my final master’s exhibition that I figured out the visual language that defines my art.

2. What’s your usual art making process/how do you work?

I start off with drawings, then I make cardboard models which have to be in a one-to-one scale, as the composition usually doesn’t like being scaled up. A large part that drives me as an artist, is that I really enjoy the process of making and learning new skills as I go.

3. What was a challenging time & a time of highlight in your journey as an artist?

Art can be a struggle, and you do tend to suffer for your practice, so it is always a highlight to be in a community that is there to offer advice and support.

4. Which 3 artists (dead/alive) that you would like to have dinner with?

If I was a linguist, Alberto Giacometti, the quintessence of an artist, then Donald Judd whose art has always inspired me, and one of my earlier inspirations, Salvador Dali.

5. Where/what/who do you draw inspiration from?

The process of making can be quite inspiring in itself, as my practice often requires research of new tools and techniques which I enjoy.

6. What are 5 most important items/tools in your creative practice?

Hobbies, as those are often other expressions of creativity, being in nature/exercise, reading, talking to likeminded people, looking at art.

7. How can young emerging artists like yourself be better supported?

For me it was important to have a space to work, having a group of people to make proposals for group shows in artist run spaces, and being part of critique groups. It would be better if there was more information available for artists that are just starting out and better support from the government that caters for those individuals. (website)

Oleg Polounine – Selected Work 2015-2020 – Depot Artspace (Exhibition 22 May – 2 June 2021)

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