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Tina Frantzen

1. What are Ley Lines?
Ley lines refer to straight alignments drawn between various historic structures and prominent landmarks

2. This exhibition is very personal to you. What is the main motivational factor for you in creating this exhibition?
As I have lived in Devonport for 50 years, it seemed a fitting time to reflect and celebrate that in my creative works. It is also the place of my first exhibition after completing my painting courses. I am very grateful to the Depot Artspace for then offering me a solo exhibition at Satellite, their gallery offshoot, thereby launching my art practice.

3. What’s your usual art making process/inspiration/how do you work?
I work very much by intuition, attempting always to capture ephemeral moments be they in words, in paint or in my camera. It requires a level of awareness and receptiveness which in turn helps to keep me grounded and in the present. I meditate before commencing painting and form my poetry in my head as I walk.

4. What was a challenging time & a time of highlight in your journey as an artist?
Following a diagnosis of cancer and some complicated and arduous treatment, I was unable to paint for quite some time. I missed that ability to be able to lose myself in my painting, however my camera was my constant companion and I was still creating images daily to document my journey that difficult year. The highlight in my painting is the exciting moment when a work just evolves in a way that totally surprises and delights me.
Another is the moment when a buyer falls in love with the painting that is really meant for them, none of which can ever be planned! I love to know that my works are re-homed with people who feel they really need that particular work.
Being selected as a finalist in the Wallace Art Awards in 2015.

5. Which 3 artists (dead/alive) would you like to have dinner with?
Rembrandt whose works I love and who has been my inspiration, Leonardo da Vinci, who is a polymath and a genius in so many fields beyond his painting, Kandinsky whose paintings are free and joyous.

Rembrandt: “Without atmosphere a painting is nothing.”

Kandinsky: “Colour is the keyboard, the eyes are the harmonies, the soul is the piano with many strings. The artist is the hand that plays, touching one key or another, to cause vibrations in the soul.”

6. What advice would you give to a younger Tina starting out in the creative industry?
JUST DO IT! Be true to your own work which is your own fingerprint and avoid self judgement and doubt. Become part of a group of like minded creatives who support, encourage and inspire each other. Every so often experiment and play with totally unfamiliar materials. Happy accidents can happen that may spark a different direction.

7. What would you like to achieve within the next 10 years?
To develop a consistent coherent body of work that challenges me and continues to evolve, surprise and delight me.

8. What are 5 most important items/tools in your creative practice?
Apart from the obvious i.e. materials it would be: my camera, my resources for my mediation, particular music, a space that provides solitude and finally my much highlighted, post-it noted, well thumbed go-to book for inspiration, reassurance, problem solving and all round wonderful assistance for any creative.

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