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DEPOT, Te Whare Toi is open from Tues-Sat, 10am-4pm

Noah Page

Studio Manager / Audio Engineer

With roots in guitar grunge and burgeoning pop tendencies, Noah has applied his insatiable musical obsessions to become one of the most in-demand producer/engineers on the Auckland scene.

A master of technical research, Noah’s practical experience was honed through 10 years of recording experimentation in his home studio. Noah then went public with the release of his band Universal Authors’ EP Error 404. From there he was selected by the NZ Music Commission for an internship alongside industry legend Neil Baldock at Depot Sound, an experience that changed everything. He’s been working at Depot Sound for over 18 months now, and has stepped up to a senior role in 2022.

Noah has a passion for drums, as well as playing keys, guitar and bass. He brings genuine excitement and focussed energy to his recording, a process that puts the musician at the centre. Drop him an email to book your session.

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