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Artist Talks – Simon Kerr and Cristina Beth

We invite you to join exhibiting artists Simon Kerr and Cristina Beth for two illuminating conversations around their solo exhibitions in the Main Gallery. These artist talks will each take place on consecutive Sundays at the Depot where the artists will be in the gallery from 11am to 3pm, all are welcome:

Sunday 14 August, 2pm start: Join artist Simon Kerr as he discusses his eddie ramshackle and the blackboard series exhibition. Kerr’s latest series of paintings explore the anarchic and rebellious persona of his newly created alter-ego ‘eddie ramshackle’. A recent innovation by Kerr is his use of blackboard paint, boldly inviting viewers to comment on his narratives directly onto the artwork.

Sunday 21 August, 2pm start: Join artist Cristina Beth for a discussion around her Dreamtime exhibition. “There is something very familiar about these vintage and nostalgic patterns. Inspired by fabric fragments collected from abandoned mattresses, they offer a corridor to memories and carry our imagined scenarios, memories, facts and emotions embedded deep within their surfaces.” – Cristina Beth.

The Fault Line - Acrylic & Oil Stick on board - 43x34 Inches 1092x864mm
Simon Kerr
Cristina 1
Cristina Beth
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