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Julia Oram In Conversation – Sunday 17 July, 2pm start.

Join artist Julia Oram in conversation about her Being Here exhibition in the Main Gallery this Sunday 17 July at the Depot, 2pm start.

Being Here explores the intersection between digital processes and the traditions of painting through photography, painting and moving image. Julia Oram’s work reflects on our experience of being in the world and the passage of time, where the moving image can re-create a sense of consciousness or “being here”. Oram’s process investigates the ephemeral nature of video, and the random extraction of snapshots of movement and change that capture the process itself. The fluid nature of the work and the medium draws us in to reflect on how much we are like our world, at the same time solid and liquid, and ready to change at any moment.

The exhibition includes video and a series of experimental paintings on canvas and photographic work created from the moving images. The sometimes obscure, though recognizable, images that capture ‘”a moment in time” stand alongside the moving images to provide a context.

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