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Suicide Prevention publication – open call for submissions

As part of Depot Artspace’s ongoing commitment to suicide prevention we’re putting a publication together.

This is an open call to artists and writers who are interested in creating or contributing content, whether it be drawings, essays, photos, cartoons, page-works, paintings, poems, maps or ideas.

This publication is a community initiative addressing the significant issue of suicide which affects our local area as it does the rest of NZ. Suicide crosses all age, gender, cultural divides and affects families, neighbourhoods, friendship groups, communities of interest.

The Depot has utilised the arts as a community development tool to address social issues including homelessness, social inequity, discrimination, youth suicide and has run events, exhibitions and workshops in which people are able to participate creatively and in an inclusive environment. Given that suicide statistics are higher than they have ever been this is a timely and necessary project.

To discuss further or send prospective works, contact:

Submissions are due by 31 July 2016.

Image by Robyn Gibson.

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