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DEPOT, Te Whare Toi is open from Tues-Sat, 10am-4pm

The Depot Artspace Dynamic Professional Placements and Employment Project

Prospective Placement hosts and seekers are invited to email the Depot Artspace for more information and registration of interest in pursuing creative internships and industry placements.

With valuable assistance from the ASB Community Trust, the Depot Artspace has designed a new and dynamic approach to brokering and managing industry-based placements linked to employment and entrepreneurial engagement opportunities.

Not only do we want to place more creative people into high quality professional development environments but we want to expand the learning and employment environment through advocacy and direct brokering of new jobs and opportunities.

There are unexplored territories and applications for creative skills, thinking and influence in this country and internationally. Now is a good time for the creative sector, government, education and employment agencies to step up collaboratively to secure a professional development and career pathway for creative professionals and to forge new engagement and employment relationships across all sectors.

For the job seeker getting yourself in front of a busy prospective employer, proving your worth, growing your experience, confidence and value in a highly competitive sector are critical steps to the early and developing stages of a professional creative career; and easier for some than others.

While many creative people do step up to the challenge of transitioning to employment many other talented and highly trained individuals hit the market place without sufficient understanding, commercial reality, contacts, resources or even job seeking skills. They are unable to add full value to a functioning business or organisation and are consequently much less attractive to an employer than those people with industry work experience.

The benefits and successes of industry based placements, of pre-employment preparation and career and creative business support have been well documented, discussed and advocated over the many years.  However, to date there has been no firm or sustained commitment to establishing and adopting a robust professional development system in this country to sustain and grow, a diverse, engaged, willing and valued creative professionals’ community.

For a nation that prides itself on creativity, artistic and cultural expression and innovation, and aspires to growing a creative economy and identity it is time to develop the infrastructure and resources necessary to professionalise and maximise creative sector efforts and impact.

In response, and building on their very successful ArtsLab creative employment programme, the Depot Artspace is driving an advance for a much improved, consistent and professional internship and placements approach.

We are building an agency, with placement and employment brokering, facilitation, management, support and external supervision capacities. We aim to streamline and structure the internships and placements process making it much easier and more rewarding for placement seekers and placement host organisations to engage with one another.

We have developed a set of ethics and standards for placements and will advocate for agreement and adoption as good practice. The agency will also have employment advocacy capacities, facilitating collaborative employment and creative sector engagement.

It also clusters a range of placement options and links professional placements to an active employment recruitment initiative, to some hard-nosed employment brokering, and to a more radical level of sector value advocacy.

The near future is looking brighter for ‘switched on’ placement seekers and prospective placement providers and it starts with registering your interest in our representation, in an internship or placement as a host or as a participant.

We would like to hear from prospective internships and placement hosts and from people who see their career being ignited or furthered, through exposure to high-quality, well structured industry-based internships experiences, artists in residence placements, international experience placements, media and research placements or even volunteer placements?

Registering your interest will only take a few minutes of your time and it will initially enable us to understand your needs, inform you directly of the agency’s development, we will be able to refer you to professional development, best practice placement and employment resource materials.

Registration will also enable us to contact you directly when the agency moves into full service.

There is no commitment implied in submitting your registration of interest and the information you provide will be held securely and only used by the agency.

The initial round of registration of interest closes Sunday 22nd March 2015 at 4 pm.

To express interest in internships and placements email us:

Please write CREATIVE PLACEMENTS HOST or CREATIVE PLACEMENT SEEKER and your NAME in the subject line and we will return a registration form for completion.

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