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Judy Henderson is a Kaiako spreading the joy of self-healing through the learning and making of Rongoā. She has been teaching classes for the last 4 years, introducing how to incorporate Rongoā into people’s daily lives and how important it is to connect with nature. Her passion for Rongoā started when she was only a teenager and blossomed when she became a tauira at Te Wananga O Aotearoa in 2016. Henderson and her kaiako then developed a course for the Introduction to Rongoā and soon after, he sent her onward. She has not looked back since.

The learnings the tauira receive are identifying rakau (plants), their benefits, and making simple wairakau and panipani. From there it branches off into other Rongoā from wairua, hinengaro and/or tinana projects. She enjoys watching the tauira on their Rongoā journey and where it takes them, whether it is just for themselves or further into more study.

Ko au ko te Rongoā
Ko te Rongoā ko au
Ko te Rongoā mātau

I am the Rongoā
The Rongoā is me
We are Rongoā

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