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Front view of The Depot Artspace

DEPOT Artspace is a unique arts organisation and ecosystem founded on the belief that nurturing creativity is essential to the flowering of the human spirit. Our goal is to ensure that art and creativity make a vital contribution to our communities, our culture and our economy. We support independent artists and arts organisations to connect, thrive, grow and succeed.

Through our gallery, recording studios and creative career programmes we work to collaboratively showcase, support and platform artists and arts practitioners, bringing the emerging and the established together to develop a growing, connected sector.

Rooted in the Devonport community since 1996, DEPOT Artspace is committed to nurturing creative communities and advocating for the transformative power of art and creativity in the community.

Our History

DEPOT Artspace opened its doors in 1996 after a successful campaign to develop the former council works depot on Church Street in Devonport as a creative community space. Now situated on nearby Clarence Street, an established arts organisation in its 25th year, DEPOT remains constant in both its loyalty to the local community and its responsiveness to an evolving, often volatile creative environment.

DEPOT has always championed the artist, consistently providing support, direct assistance, and career development to thousands or Aotearoa’s creatives, both emerging and established, across diverse backgrounds and all generations.

DEPOT’s philosophy of encouragement, support and inclusiveness, its touchstone since inception, is the basis on which DEPOT has grown into a multi-disciplinary ecosystem and creative hub encompassing all art forms.

With a fast-changing cultural and creative landscape and an urgent need for support post Covid-19, Depot remains committed to strengthening the creative sector.

DEPOT Academy delivers programmes focused on the professional development of creatives inspired by the original arts incubator mentoring scheme (AIMS) launched in 1999 to ArtsLab (formerly PACE – Pathways to Arts and Cultural Employment) and the most recent Wayfind Creative sustainable career making programme.

DEPOT Sound, our in-house recording studio and rehearsal room, at the heart of the local recording scene initially operating as a private studio and, from 2008 onwards, as a professional recording studio, remains accessible to all sound and music projects including all musical genres, voice-overs, radio shows, educational programmes, album releases and, increasingly, audiobooks and podcasts.

Depot Artspace, once an exhibition space available for artists to rent, now offers a curatorial programme of exhibitions with an annual call for proposals. The two DEPOT gallery spaces host a diverse and inspiring range of artists, rotating monthly.

Building on our legacy, our ecosystem supports and builds creative futures that ultimately nurture a connected, resilient creative sector.

We are guided by the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi: Partnership, Participation and Protection.

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