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Alex Twidle

Audio Engineer

After completing a Bachelor of Recording Arts at SAE, I interned at Parachute Music where I assisted and engineered alongside some of the industry’s leading professionals.

I’ve worked on sessions with engineers, producers, and performers such as Stan Walker, Anika Moa, Scott Seabright, Chris Mac, Nic Manders, Rory Noble, Greg Haver, Daily J, Dead Favours, Lepani, Georgia Lines, Yoko-Zuna and many more.

I am also a freelance gun-for-hire in both the audio and photo realms. When I’m not at Depot Sound, you’ll find me in the SAE Studios as part of the team there. As well as being an all round good guy, my super power is in the mix. With a caring demeanor and a keen ear, I’m strong on upholding artist autonomy and working to bring your vision forward – making me a solid choice for any project.

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