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Kiriana O’Connell (Ngāti Tukorehe, Ngāti Raukawa, Pākehā) is a Tāmaki based weaver who works with both customary and contemporary materials including harakeke, kiekie, pingao, native and commercial dyes. She embraces traditional techniques and patterns in her work and is continually inspired by both the mastery and artistry of her ancestors.

Raranga (flax-weaving) is a process that requires dedicated, careful, and time-consuming preparation, it is this very process-based practice which allows her to connect into the continuum of weaving passed down by her ancestors and sustained for future generations.

She has been tutoring raranga workshops on the North Shore since 2012 and has exhibited at Depot Artspace, Corban Estate Arts Centre, Waiheke Community Gallery, NorthArt, Public Record and mother gallery. Kiriana’s work is on display at the North Shore Hospital and has been regularly commissioned for the private sector.

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