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In 1987 Robyn was introduced into the art world through a friend while living in Mildura, Victoria Australia. Completed B.F.A. painting U.C.N.V Bendigo an affiliate with La Trobe University Melbourne Victoria, Australia.

Gibson’s early works were influenced by the iridescent colours and vast spatial geography found in the Australian outback also within the strangeness and diversity of a few contemporary Australian painters she found an affinity with at this time, among others these included Charles Blackman, Sydney Nolan and Joy Hester.

Returning to New Zealand in 1994 Gibson became associated with central Auckland 1998-2000. Gibson completed M.F.A. Sculpture, Elam School of Fine arts. 2000.

The artist’s professional career spans over 30 years, exhibiting and participating in installation, outdoor sculpture, painting and assemblage projects in both New Zealand and Australia.

Gibson’s works are often speckled with hints of surrealism and a subtle sense of humour. A complex, often quirky palette comprises varied materials and subject matter garnered from her past and present.

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