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Alternative Grassroots Arts and Culture Creative Action Plan

As a Grassroots Arts Centre the Depot Artspace has been established for nearly 2 decades in Devonport. Over that time it has developed an array of significant initiatives as a result of keeping its ear to the ground and its eyes open to opportunity. Galleries, recording and rehearsal studios, Depot Press publications, the Cultural icons series, the Vernacular Lounge, ArtsLab professional development programme, and a Creative Internship initiative are some its responses to identified need.

One of our biggest challenges has been to represent arts in the community as important, valid, liberating,  enriching  and definitive of this city and its distinct cultures and communities.

When Auckland citizens were invited to submit to the Council’s Strategic Arts and Culture Action Plan (ACSAP), the Depot decided to write an alternative action plan that, from the grassroots perspective, detailed the extent to which organisations like ours were fulfilling, alongside their communities, the goals that Council set to be achieved.  You will see it is very different from the ACSAP produced by Council, and you will wonder what place the grassroots played in putting together that document.

Read our Alternative Grassroots Arts and Culture Creative Action Plan here.
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