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ArtsLab News Update June 2015

As the ArtsLab team has grown, the programme has inevitably evolved, yet the objective remains the same: to support creatives into employment and develop their artistic practice.

People are often driven to work in creative areas as they find it to be a fulfilling way to express and communicate their emotions and thoughts.  Creativity has no bounds, and such work allows them to tap into possibilities, and create something unique and meaningful.  It is often the case that once a person has the opportunity to be creative they want to continue doing so, finding the process of thinking and producing to be uplifting and inspiring.

Yet sometimes having no bounds can be a bit of stumbling block, and trying to find your creative voice can be daunting.  This is where the ArtsLab programme comes in.  Many times we have met and assisted creatives who are struggling to see the forest from the trees, and require support into employment or guidance in their creative direction.

The following are two stories of creatives we have recently assisted:

One artist had contacts in their creative industry, but lacked confidence and had a level of anxiety around being interviewed.  Through the ArtsLab four day workshop, the artist covered skills such as job ad analysis, CV and cover letter writing, cold calling and interview practice.  Subsequently the artist attained a job at a great company in their field of expertise, and credited the rehearsal scenario and support they received as instrumental in acing the interview.

Another artist has a strong visual arts practice that required further development.  The ArtsLab programme provided mentoring in the visual arts in terms of writing exhibition proposals and approaching galleries, as well as valuable skills to promote their practice through the new media workshop.  The artist now has stable part time work in a cafe, whilst tutoring in the visual arts and exhibiting in two New Zealand galleries this year alone.

‒ Margaux Wong ArtsLab Programmes Administrator

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