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Blue Sky with Clouds – A New Book by Julie Mulcahy & Debbie Knowles

Blue Sky with Clouds

Friends of the Depot Artspace Julie Mulcahy and Debbie Knowles have published an insightful new text.

The book is a collection of eight stories about how real people coped with suicide, brain injury, dyslexia, alcoholism, sexual abuse, racism, teen parenting, and growing up gay in the 1960s.  Alongside the personal stories, the authors – Julie Mulcahy and Debbie Knowles – have consulted the experts in order to provide practical commentary about complex issues.  The stories are of hope and wisdom and resilience.

Julie and Debbie believe real stories of real lives are the most interesting stories of all since both of them had life-changing experiences of their own.

Original works by New Zealand artist and Depot Artspace curator, Robyn Gibson, cleverly echo the emotions described in each story.

Get your copy online here.

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