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Help Us Keep the Cultural Icons Project Alive!


The Depot Artspace is currently fundraising for Cultural Icons, a project that celebrates people who have contributed significantly to New Zealand’s creative landscape. It is an inspirational series of recorded interviews that share the histories, stories and experiences of some of our most significant visual artists, architects, publishers, entrepreneurs, writers, musicians, arts commentators and philanthropists.

They serve to show that New Zealand has a distinctive and evolving culture. So far we have undertaken 65 interviews which are viewed by more than 4000 people each month. Interviews include Stanley Palmer, Ian Wedde, Denys Trussell, Claudia Pond Eyley, Nigel Brown, Hamish Keith, Roger Horrocks, Barry Brickell, Riemke Ensing, Eve de Castro Robinson, Helen Pollock and Gordon McLauchlan.

Funding has so far come from a number of sources and is now expended yet we still have many Cultural Icons waiting to be interviewed. We aim to fundraise enough for 5 new interviews and YOU can help to keep this important project and resource alive!

Please get involved and visit

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