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Mini Documentary: David Barker – Fragments

In light of David Barker’s new series of work, Fragments, The Depot Artspace is pleased to present a mini-documentary on the artist.

David Barker’s work is comprised of paintings that explore sea shells, sheds, ships, and skyscapes, and further examine Barker’s fascination with water and other natural elements including clouds.

His investigations of the sea and marine life are incredibly detailed and experly rendered using techniques that he has been developing througout his career, and from research in libraries, museums and in nature itself.

From his studio in Devonport, Auckland, Barker engages with his artistic practice that he has developed over his 75 years, after graduating from Elam School of Fine Arts.

The Depot’s Media Producer Amelia Harris made several visits to his studio to get to know Barker and his work and track the making of the exhibition.

The exhibition, comprised of 32 new works, features two free standing bifold screens, each a montage of marine images, and are included with four ‘shed’ paintings based on location sketches, along with skyscapes inspired Barker’s flight in a Boeing Dreamliner over Canada.

In Barker’s own words, “even with years of practice, painting has never become easy. I cannot say how long it takes to do a specific painting. The duration varies. Some paintings demand more time than others, but for me, all share an element of chance or risk. Each is but a ‘fragment’, a fixed format, a visual patch of life passing by.”

The Depot has been impressed by Barker’s refined methodologies and techniques and is thrilled to be exhibiting his work once again.

The exhibition runs from the 25 March – 12 April

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