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Trish Joughin Devonport Icon Has Passed Away

Trish Joughin
Local Icon and former Deputy Major Trish Joughin passed away last Sunday.

Trish served four terms on the council, three as Deputy Mayor and was the co-founder of Devonport Heritage which started in the 1990s. Her part in the fight to retain independence for the Devonport borough council and her heritage work was recognized with the creation of the Trish Joughin reading room in the Devonport Library. Joughin was passionate about Devonport and stuck to her principles until the very end.

“What concerns me is people feeding on the bones of Devonport – buying and selling and making money without giving anything back.” She said in 1998.

“There is a danger in Devonport of people not taking part in their community. The reason why Devonport is like it is, is because a lot of people have dedicated a lot of time to it over the years.”

Trish Joughin dedicated herself to the Devonport community and will be missed. Her funeral was held at the St. Paul’s Church on Friday the 17th of May.

– Quotes and image provided by the Devonport Flagstaff

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